When can I register an expired domain?

Usually, a domain name is not available for re-registration when it expired. Most registrars allow a grace period (from 1 to 2 weeks or as long as a year) for registrants to renew expired domain names. The actual grace period can be different for each individual registrar and domain name extension. That is, the grace period for a .com domain name might be different from the grace period for a .asia domain name, even at the same registrar.

After the registrar's grace period, most domain names have a redemption period. This period can last from 2 weeks to 30 days, and, during this time, the current registrant can renew the domain name by paying a redemption fee along with the domain name's renewal fee.

If the registrant does not renew or redeem the domain name, the domain might be auctioned. When a domain name is released to a public auction, anyone can participate and possibly capture the domain name by placing a bid on it.

If the domain name is not renewed, redeemed, or auctioned, it is returned to its registry. The registry determines when the domain name is released again for registration. Once it's released, you can register the domain name through us.

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