My domain is registered with another registrar, how do i transfer to Cosmo

Please note that in order to transfer your domain to us, you will need to have owned that domain for at least 3 months. If you owned the domain for less that that duration, you will not be able to transfer the domain over.(or to any one)


Transfer your Domain to Cosmo System

Two Steps Required from your Existing Domain Registrar:

  1. Request your current registrar to unlock your domain (and disable the privacy settings if any)
  2. Ask for the domain transfer password (also know as EPP code or Authorisation code) from your current registrar.

Once you have performed the above-mentioned steps:

Vodien Transfer Domain Name

  • Ensure that “I want to transfer my domain to Cosmo System is selected
  • Enter your existing domain name
  • Select your domain extension
  • Click “Check Availability”

Vodien Domain Transfer

  • If you have selected the correct domain name and extension to transfer, click “Add to Cart”

*NOTE* There will be a mandatory domain renewal after the domain transfer completed.  Your domain will be extended by one year.

  • Enter the “EPP Code” provided by your current domain registrar
  • You may select an optional “ID Protection” add-on, at only S$12.00 per year
  • Default nameservers are generated, you may use custom ones if you prefer so
  • Click “Update Cart” when you are done

Vodien Domain Transfer

  • Once you have reviewed your order, click “Checkout”

Vodien Domain Transfer

  • If you already have a billing account, please log in and you will be brought to the payment page, if not, please create an account with the form
  • Click “Complete Order” and you will be brought to the payment page

Upon payment, we will initiate the domain transfer, this process typically takes up to 14 days.

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